It’s all in the preparation............. 


Having been an In House recruiter for many years, I have had the opportunity of interviewing thousands of prospective candidates and, disappointingly, some failed the interview in the first five minutes through lack of preparation.  An interviewer wants to know about you but, just as importantly, they'll want you to know about their company, what they do, where they are expanding and other interesting facts you discovered when researching the company. Not the normal run of the mill stuff but something that says you are interested.  Of course you would have thoroughly researched the company interviewing you, wouldn’t you?


What are your reasons for wanting to move to a new role?  There are endless answers to this question but it is vital for a candidate to be 100% sure of their own reasons and the rationale behind them.  At some stage in the interview process you will be asked this question and a carefully thought out response, with sound rationale, will be required.  I have heard some classics so please think it through carefully!


Often there will be more than one interviewer and they may hold different positions within the company, possibly a subject matter expert (SME) and a representative from HR.  The SME will ask probing questions to ascertain your depth of knowledge is equal to that described in your resume.  The HR interviewer will probe skills such as leadership and team working.  Both will want to see evidence of drive, potential, leadership, accountability and all the great attributes that make a positive impact on a business.  Your resume got you this far, so don’t let yourself down by not being prepared and please don’t exaggerate, you will get caught out eventually!


The internet is a great tool for research so you have no excuse not to prepare!  Good luck.  Amanda


Different opportunities require different recruitment techniques ...



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