Interview Tips


Interview Do’s and Don’ts


The Do’s

Shake hands properly – don’t attempt arm wrestling or give a slipping shake!

Be concise, to the point and above all relevant with your answers.  It is sometimes worth asking the interviewers a question, to clarify their understanding, of a point you have made.

Be conscious of how you look – maintain eye contact, look attentive, interested and LISTEN!

Speak clearly and calmly at a comfortable pace, nerves can increase your pitch and make you rush.

Do ask questions throughout the interview and, at the end of an interview, when you are asked “do you have any questions?” have some prepared, never ever say NO!  It’s game over!

Try to talk more than the interviewers, but not so much that they are bored by your answers! Make sure you show how your skills, abilities, experience and attitude make you the candidate for the role.

Demonstrate during the interview that you have thoroughly researched the company.

Do thank the interviewers for the opportunity of meeting them and ask for feedback.


The Don’ts 

Don’t bluff - be sure of your facts.  Never exaggerate your experience – you will get caught out!

Don’t criticise past managers, colleagues, company etc.  It will be viewed as very negative.

Don’t blame project failures/mistakes on past managers but highlight you’ve learnt from mistakes.

Don’t assume the interviewer is aware of your key skills and achievements.

Don’t argue but calmly offer an alternative opinion

Don’t slouch, fiddle with pens, stare out the window or at the table or at the interviewer!


And finally look like you are enjoying the conversation, which is really what an interview is!


Different opportunities require different recruitment techniques ...



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