Good recruitment isn’t always expensive, but bad recruitment invariably is!


Competition and demand for quality talent in the IT and Retail market place is increasing and, although the pool of candidates has grown, the search for the most talented candidates now requires a different, more insightful approach.  By understanding your company we can employ positive tactics to find you the best candidates.  The information required to implement our approach is gathered by taking an hour of your day to understand why you selected your company for your career and what keeps you interested and driven.


The IT Retail People approach:


Step 1:- Using multiple channels to attract candidates will increase the breadth of the search. Identifying which channel to use for which role is key.  The most valuable methods of targeted recruitment are still referrals and networking, followed by an informative phone call to market your company and the opportunity, whilst also securing the interest of the candidate.


Step 2:- Marketing your company to the prospective candidate is essential.  Today’s candidates want to understand future career opportunities, company culture, expansion plans, development and training policies.  In short, the prospective candidate wants to know if your company is the right place for them to progress their career.

Rather than approach candidates with a “they might consider you” attitude we market your company to our candidates in a way that makes them choose or at least consider your opportunity.


Step 3:- Promoting your company’s opportunity to the candidate in a compelling way is an important part of the candidate's journey towards joining your company.  Candidates will want us to tell them:- how the role impacts the direction and vision of the company, who they will work with and at what level, is the technology cutting edge, recent company successes, product launches and information that puts your company above the competition. 


Different opportunities require different recruitment techniques ...



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